Saturday, October 16, 2010

Railroad Trestle, Cool and Shady ~ An End of Summer Tribute

Summer ends late in SW Florida. For a very short time of the year it is the most gorgeous weather you could imagine. Then, it gets cold. I know some of you can't imagine Florida as cold, but we do have frosts that kill some of the plants once in a while. I guess my blood has gotten thin in 20 years, but when we get weather in the 30s and 40s, it is a very damp cold, too. Bone chilling. . .

Okay, enough complaining. It's really been beautiful lately.

I was wandering around in my mind trying to think of some nice picture to post. I can't think of anything that is "fallish" to represent the present season, but I though I would share a few picture from an adventure that I took with my young neighbor.

Last summer on an extremely hot day, he and I (he has adopted me as his grandma) took off for a short hike down the nearby railroad track. It was fun to discover an old, low trestle. I took quite a few pictures and some of them turned out pretty good. I'll share them now as an end of summer tribute. 

The trestle

See the cypress knees?

Looking down through the tracks

 Colorful Lubber Grasshopper

The trestle was a cool, shady, mysterious place with a sandy floor underneath and dripping water. There was a lot of green and mats of tiny flowers. Brown cypress knees poked up, and tiny fish swam in the stream of water. A garden spider sat in the middle of a perfect orb. The dark creosoted wood made a nice contrast with the green ferns and cool water. It was a pleasant oasis on a hot summer afternoon.

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  1. That looks like a nice place to go exploring. It reminds me of a creek we found as kids in Montana. We had so much fun splashing through there.