Sunday, November 7, 2010

Introducing Daisy!! (and my new entertainment center =)

The story of the new kitty. . . well, it started out when she and her brother wandered onto the carport . . hungry. So, of course, I fed them. I think they are the offspring of Manchitas (spanish for little spots). He is the larger black and white cat in the picture whom I "share" with my neighbor boy who has adopted me as his abuelita (little grandma). Anyway, Manchitas has no paternal instinct at all. He couldn't care less. But the two siblings were so cute, I should've gotten a picture. The little boy cat was all white with a pure black tail and four black spots and the little girl was all black with some white. They looked so cute together, like dominoes. Well, he disappeared and I couldn't stand the thought of her out there at night all alone, so I started keeping her in the shed. So, now it is getting a little cold, so I've been bringing her in a little at a time to introduce her to Canyon. Canyon is handling it better than I'd expected, i.e., she hasn't tried to kill her or even attack her. Hopefully, friendship will come slowly.


Now, she has a name, Daisy, and last weekend I took her to the vet and got her "fixed" and got her shots, so she is doing okay. They put wires (not staples) instead of the regular sutures, so that was new to me. I take her tomorrow to get them out. She is still sleeping in the shed for now because I'm not sure that Canyon wouldn't be mean to her while I'm sleeping.

Daisy and Manchitas

My "new" entertainment center woo hoo
 On the way to the vet last week, I spotted a yard sale and went back to investigate. The woman had an entertainment center originally marked for $120, but she had marked through it and had $70 on it. I asked her if she would take $50, and she said she'd take $60. Then, I asked hubby if he would like to buy me a combined birthday/Christmas present (we're both short on cash these days), and he said yes!! (my birthday is actually next Sunday). So, I am really excited with my new unit, my first ever entertainment center. I'll post a picture here. It looks really nice in the living room.

I accomplished quite a bit this weekend, and that's always a good feeling. I even did a little cooking and handsewing, so that's like therapy for me. I'm getting to know my new neighbor. She's a very sweet person. We're both "older" college students, and we have enough in common to make it fun getting to know each other. I'm ready for the week ahead and that feels good for a change.

My prayer is that all of my readers will have many blessings this week.

Bye for now,

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  1. What a cute kitty! I pray they end up becoming the best of friends. And your entertainment center looks great. Definitely a steal at $60. Don't you love getting a great deal?