Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Canyon ~ the resident Kitty

Okay, trying to make this a little interesting before I hit the bunk. (I'm up too late again playing with this blog.) It doesn't look anything like the vision I have in my mind, but we'll get there. . . slowly.

Bath time ~ I see that little pink tongue
Here's a picture of Canyon to spice things up. She's about 5 years old now. Her mother delivered her in a pile of salvaged misc that was piled up in our yard (the remains of our Health Food Store stacked on wooden palettes) after Hurricane Charley. Mommy cat was a feral stray and didn't have enough milk for Canyon. She had 2 other kittens in the nest. One died, and we think we interrupted her moving Canyon and a bobbed-tail grey sibling. She never came back for Canyon. She was about 4 days old when I brought her in on a cold, November day. (and yes, it can get cold here in Florida).

She never has fully lost her "wild genes." She's a little skit-zo. She'll go from snuggling in my lap to biting me in a heartbeat. I think her nervous system is underdeveloped; after all, she didn't get mama's milk at the beginning. Just powdered "kitten formula" from WalMart until I read the label that said "for temporary use." Then I went to the vet and got something better.

Anyway ~ where was I . . her nerves . . . her back twitches at times like she has a nervous tic and she can't endure too much touching on her back. I forget that at times when she is snuggled on my lap . . . and have the scars to prove it!

It's weird how she will have her bonding times and places with me. . .like when I'm in the bathroom (inconvenient to say the least; I think it goes back to when I fed her as a baby. She had to live in the bathroom because we had another cat at the time.) Of course, when I return home, we have to bond for a minute. She also likes to sit on my lap when I am on the computer or watching TV, but it is only on her terms. . . .when she wants to! If I try to pet her any other time, I will be sure to be bitten, and not playfully or affectionately. Weird, but I love her. I'm the only person that can hold her at all. I was the first "being" she saw when her eyes opened. Yep! She's pretty special.

Sometime maybe I'll come back and post pictures of her when she was teeny-tiney. Would you like that?


  1. Looks good, but what do I know one without a blog. Love Canyon's colors. Libby

  2. Hi Karen, I think your blog looks good. I am one of your followers. I am gagal on HGTV.

  3. Hi Karen, your blog looks great and I'll be following along too. Congrats!!!

  4. Hey Karen ~ I think you're off to a GREAT start on your blog ... half the challenge (and fun) for me has been to find a good layout and then add as I go ... it's a work in process!

  5. Great Start - I am still playing with mine also! Please come visit - www.pecasatwo.blogspot.com
    About the picture thing - when you do the upload using the tool it asks you if you want it left, right, or center - so you choose at that point - I think it's before browsing the file into the tool. Hope you enjoy blogland - I know I am a much better reader than poster.

  6. A BIG thank you to all of you! I am so excited to come back this evening and find six followers! More than I'd expected!

    pecasatwo ~ thanks for the tip. I'll try what you suggested first chance I get, and yes, I will come see your blog.

    Nice to see some of my friends from HGTV! Thanks again, ladies.

    I will try to fit in a post before I go to bed tonight.

  7. Hi Karen,

    You are off to a great start with your Blog. As with anything it takes time and a lot of playing around. Trust me... I played and experimented for days, months and am still playing. When I started my blog I decided that I would write it just as though I was talking to you.... put your heart, your loves and even your hurts into it... it's you blog - treat it like a journal and write for yourself.

    What a neat name - Canyon - she looks so sweet.